All you have to do is select the items you want and add them to your shopping cart. Once you have selected and arranged the shopping cart, you can proceed to the purchase stage. At this point you will need to fill in your details – current address, phone number, email address and then update the Your credit information in favor of completing the purchase. At the end of the purchase, you will receive a confirmation of the purchase to the email address you entered in the system.

All you have to do is go to the “store” website, select the desired item and select the desired size according to the size chart attached to each item (the size chart allows you to know and understand exact and updated scopes and lengths for each item on the site, length, chest circumference, hip circumference.) You can see the “Shopping Cart” icon at the top left. You then make a payment and enter credit information on the page that opens to you when you click place the order, after ordering the product and making the payment will send an order confirmation, invoice and receipt to your email address you entered when placing the order. Now you only have to wait for the delivery and enjoy it! If something does not work out for you when ordering, contact us and we will help you! By phone: 0508522055

There is an extensive and detailed delivery policy that explains about the deliveries and delivery times, you are welcome to enter it.

In principle, it depends on the shipping method you choose:

Courier to home – up to 7 business days, when a business day refers to all days of the week, except the day of the order, Fridays, Saturdays, holidays, holiday eves, sabbaticals, the Sabbath and remembrance days. Delivery times may be extended beyond what is specified, In deliveries destined for localities beyond the Green Line, the Arava localities, Eilat and the Golan Heights.

If you have chosen the self-collection method – up to 7 business days – as soon as you receive an SMS message to the mobile, the package will be waiting for you at Tamara store located at 48 Jaffa, Jerusalem city center. .

If you have placed an order and have not received an order confirmation by email, you can call
To serve customers at 0508522055 or by email:

No, payment is by credit or PAYPAL account only.

A coupon code is a discount for purchases on the website, you can get it by registering for our newsletter and being updated there on promotions and benefits.

No problem, you can call customer service and we will take your credit card number from you and actually carry out the order with you.

The Tamara website is a secure website, there is no need to worry, we keep your privacy secret and any information you enter will remain yours.

Sure, you can contact our customer service at 050-8522055 and we will be happy to help and place the order for you.

If you could not reach us by phone, you can leave a message by email and our representatives will get back to you soon.

If the first order is not yet in status and has not been sent to the shipping company, you must coordinate by phone with our representative and add a comment in the additional order in coordination with the company representatives and with their approval. That you want to perform

You have placed an order and if you want to cancel or any other change in the order and if the order is still not in the status has been completed and has not left our warehouses, you can contact customer service at 050-8522055 or send a message to and we will be happy to help

The prices probably match between the store and the site, regarding the models, most of them are both in the store and on the site, there are certain collections that are only displayed on the site and there are models that are only displayed in the store. Measure and get to the store, keep in mind that there is a probability that the product you liked has run out or not arrived at the store and it is better that you make a purchase on the website and you can always exchange for any other product through the store as well.

Our measurements are in line with Israeli learning, so you will usually stick to learning that you are used to buying.

Please note we indicate the height of the model and the size she wears as an indication for you.

Beyond that and most importantly, we accurately indicate the circumferences and lengths of each and every model, chest circumference, hip circumference and length.

In addition, indicate whether the cut is wide (oversize) or whether there is a stretch alone (lycra fabric).