Interested in joining the fashion industry? We are growing and invite you
to join us! If you meet the requirements of one of the jobs below, a resume should be sent to the emai
l stating the requested job number. The email address fo
r sending a resume – Jerusalem

Customer Service Representative – Job No. 100

Job description: Providing service and support in the various communication channels of customers – phone, email, Facebook and Instagram. Ability to work with multiple interfaces and other factors in the company.
Job requirements: high service consciousness, ability to formulate in writing and orally, vigor, patience and diligence. Excellent command of English, connection to the fashion world, willingness to be flexible in working hours, full time. Previous experience in the field of customer service – a significant advantage.
Scope of the post: Full-time position in shifts.

The email address for sending a resume –, indicating job number 100

Copywriter and graphic designer – Job No. 200

Job description: Managing and writing the written content of the website, including content writing, campaign management, site style in terms of design / graphics, managing and writing newsletters and posts for social networks in the local and international arena. Jo
b requirements: Graphic design experience (over a year), previous experience In a similar position, English at the mother tongue level, Hebrew at a high level, experience in marketing writing, independent work ability, order and organization, connection to fa
shion, big head and punctuali

ty. Job scope: full-time. Email address for sending resumes – Job No. 200

Packers Collecting Online Orders – Job No. 300

Job description: Collecting packages in accordance with orders placed on the site, packaging, distribution, quality control.
Job requirements: developed sense of responsibility, high order and organization abilities, work in a dynamic environment. Experience in a similar position – an advantage.
Job scope: Full-time.

The email address for sending a resume – with job number 300

Warehouses for the Operations Department – Job No. 400

Job description: receiving and unloading goods, arranging and organizing the warehouse, counting inventory, collecting orders from the site.
Requirements: High order and organization abilities, developed sense of responsibility, “big head”. Previous experience in a similar position – an advantage.
Job scope: full-time. Em

ail address for sending a resume – Indicating job no. 400

Responsible for a shift at the Jerusalem Fashion Store – Job No. 500

Job Description: Managing the store on all aspects of shifts, employee management, service, order and sales.
Job requirements: Assertiveness, managerial ability, love of fashion and working with people. Experience in sales in the field of fashion – required. Experience in a managerial position – a significa
nt advantage. Job scope: Full-time shift.

The email address for sending a resume – with job number 500

Sellers to the Jerusalem Fashion Store – Job No. 600

Job description: In-store sales as part of the store staff, providing customer service, arranging the store.
Requirements: high service consciousness, good interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team, motivation to make sales, vigorous and dynamic. Previous experience in a similar position – a significant advantage.

Scope: Full-time in shifts.

The email address for sending a resume – with job number 600