Returning / exchanging items

Dear customer, you placed an order, waited, got excited and in the end were disappointed, the size is not right, the color is different than you thought, or any other reason… Do you want to return or exchange the item?

We at Tamara will try our best not to disappoint you and maintain your shopping experience, even if the item is not to your satisfaction.

We undertake to behave fairly, patiently and honestly with our customers and provide the best service we can.

We are at your service for any inquiries, questions or problems, by email at

Or customer service at 050-8522055 or via WhatsApp message through the website

Please note that due to the new requirements and restrictions of the Ministry of Health for all businesses, regarding the corona period, there may be slight delays in the delivery of deliveries, there may be delays in responding and providing customer service.

We ask for your patience and understanding and we promise that we will return in response to every request and inquiry.

Pay attention,

There are forms in your shipping package that you will need:

A guide page detailing how to return the item in the easiest way

  1. Return table sticker to fill in the return details and how to receive the credit
  2. Return sticker via Israel Post

Guidelines and conditions for returns, exchange of items, monetary credits and credit on the site:

  1. Make sure that 14 days have not passed since the receipt of the package
  2. that no item has been used and that no defect or damage has occurred in it

The labels and handcuffs that came with the item must be on the item in their entirety

  1. Transaction cancellations, money credits and credit on the site will be given under the following conditions:

1- Refund will be given on condition of delivery of registered mail to our address (details on the instructions page) up to 2 business days from the date of receipt of the order (subject to registration of the shipping company)

2- The customer is obliged to update the company with the details of the package sent by mail to the email address within 2 business days from the date of receipt of the shipment

3- A refund will be given for transactions over 50 NIS

4- A refund will be given for the cost of the products or the transaction exactly as charged in the invoice without the cost of shipping the delivery that appears on the invoice

5- The monetary credit will be transferred up to 14 days from the date of return of the item, to the same means of payment from which the order was made and the same billing conditions of the original transaction (payment transaction, credit, one payment…)

6- Use of a direct card can only be purchased, it is not possible to win direct cards, in which case the customer must present another card for credit, the additional card must be the same name of the original cardholder where the transaction was made or receive a credit credit for purchase on the website.

7- No refund will be given for returning items from a transaction received through the use of credit on the site or a coupon code, for such a refund a credit will be received for another purchase on the site

8- Products from the SALE department or products on sale can be exchanged up to 7 days from the date of receipt

9- For the return of items from an order placed using a gift card, a credit will be given through credit on the site only and not through a financial credit

Step of making the return

In the shipping package in addition to the instructions page, a sticker is attached in the form of a table where you have to fill in details such as – customer name and order number, reason for return (selection of reasons will be given on the instructions page you receive with the package), details of items you return. Credit on site).

You have several options for returning or exchanging an item

  1. Return / exchange via Tamara store located at 48 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem city center (free of charge) All you have to do is fill in the return table you received with the shipment, in addition it is better to print the purchase invoice you received by email after the transaction (you can show the store representative the invoice via Mobile) and arrive at the store to exchange or receive a credit for a purchase in the store or a coupon code for a purchase on the website.
  2. Please note – a financial credit will not be given in the store, these are only through the website and using the credit card you are charged. Once you have left in the store the products for which you are interested in receiving a refund, the refund will be accepted by the credit company for up to 7 business days

Please note that the stock of products in the store does not always match the existing stock on the site, there are certain collections or models that are for sale only on the site or alternatively only in the store and to avoid inconvenience and if you want to physically come to the store and replace a product you purchased through the site.

  1. Return by registered mail (at no cost) The processing times for the return request by mail are approximately 14 business days and subject to Israel Post procedures.

What should I do ?

Fill in the return table you received, note that you filled in all the details clearly and attach the table together with the items you want to return.

In addition, a return sticker of the Israel Post is included in your shipping package.

All you have to do is prepare the packaging for delivery by mail, make sure the packaging is hermetically sealed and wrapped and there is no fear that the items will be damaged or disappear during shipping. Once you have finished packing, stick the return sticker of the mail on the package and make sure the sticker covers the original sticker with your address details so that the address details of our warehouse are clear. Go to the post office and send us the package.

Once the package is received by us, the products will be checked and we will update you by email or SMS message.

At any stage you can contact customer service for more details and updates

  1. Return by courier to the house (cost of 30 NIS). Your shipment has arrived, the size is small / large, not nice to me or any other reason .. and you are interested in switching to another item or changing size. Simply call our customer service, give the order number and ask to exchange the item. Customer service by phone 050-8522055 or by email

We will make a new shipment for you and collect the return items.