Delivery method Delivery time cost destination Shipping body
Delivery to home Up to 7 business days $30 Across all country Delivery agency
Registered mail Not available Not available Across all country Israel mail services



We at Tamara know and are prepared to deliver the deliveries as quickly as possible and usually the delivery times by courier to the home are fast and up to 4 business days, due to the Ministry of Health’s restrictions on a limited number of employees, there may be delays in delivery. Delivery times for the corona period are up to 7 business days.

Your shopping experience is very important to us, so we work days and nights to deliver all orders in the fastest time.

Delivery times may be extended beyond what is indicated on the website, for deliveries intended for localities beyond the Green Line, the Golan Heights and the Arava (for the full list of localities – link to Susanna’s list).

Please note the definition of a business day: every day of the week except the day of the order, Fridays, Saturdays, holidays, holidays, holidays (limited activities), days of remembrance, sabbaticals, closing days and government restrictions.

Delivery guy to the house

When booking, the exact address must be updated: street, building, apartment number, as well as an available telephone. It is recommended to add additional guidance in the comments if necessary – ground apartments, the number of buildings at the same address and any intention to facilitate the courier upon delivery. Additional telephone calls and requests for contact prior to arrival and coordination with the courier can be noted.

Please note that the shipping company only arrives at the address indicated on the body of the order.

It is recommended to be available on the phones indicated in the order, in order to prevent the return of the shipment to the shipping company’s warehouse, thus preventing additional shipping charges.

While the courier is on his way to you, you will receive an SMS message or a phone call to coordinate arrival.

Delivery hours during the day are 8.00-20.00, so it is advisable to update a delivery address where you are most of the time within these hours (workplace address for example).

Please note that during the Corona period and in light of the Ministry of Health’s guidelines and restrictions in reducing and avoiding meetings between people, the courier will place the delivery in the doorway of your home only, special requests to leave the delivery in the electrical cabinet, neighbors and otherwise are not recommended and are the customer’s responsibility.


You can pick up the package from our flagship store, which is located at 48 Jaffa St., downtown Jerusalem. As soon as the package arrives at the store, you will receive an SMS message or a phone call from the company representative that the package is waiting for you at the store.